Keep A Child Alive

We are very pleased to support Keep a Child Alive and their team of inspirational runners!

Keep a Child Alive (KCA) was co-founded by Alicia Keys with the mission to give children and young people the necessary resources to live healthier, happier lives.

KCA work on the front line in Africa and across the world, providing HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention alongside support for vulnerable children and women who have experienced sexual exploitation and abuse. They are currently active in Ukraine helping orphaned children and vulnerable families.

Ordinary Athlete was created to encourage people to celebrate their running journey and achievements. We are proud to be a part of Keep a Child Alive and help young people have a chance to realize their potential no matter where they started in life. We know that running changes lives and we can’t wait to celebrate Team KCA’s runners as they cross finish lines all over the world.

For Rangers

Instagram @beyondtheultimate

230 km, 5 stages, 1 amazing finish line moment. Huge congratulations to Siobhan in completing the ForRangers ultra for Save the Rhino international. 

Siobhan has been raising money for the Rangers’ welfare as they face daily battles with poachers while trying to preserve our most vulnerable wildlife. Sadly, around 100 brave Rangers are killed every year while protecting Africa’s most endangered species.

Well done to all the ultra runners who took part. We’re very proud to support and sponsor Siobhan on her amazing journey. Go Shiv!!