About us

In a world, dominated by flashy must-haves and unattainable images, the modern social media landscape has become a constant source of pressure and unrealistic expectations. For many, the pursuit of accomplishment has left them feeling adrift, longing for a sense of ordinary simplicity, amidst the overwhelming noise.

Recognising the detrimental effects of societal pressures, Matt Whyatt, a former British infantry soldier, and Charlie Webster, an award-winning, UK broadcaster, and journalist, joined forces in 2020, to challenge the status quo. They understood that running, a unique fitness modality, held the potential to transform lives. Yet, they also acknowledge the pitfalls of intertwining it with the modern pressures of social media, which could turn a healthy passion into a destructive cycle of external comparison. With a shared vision, they created Ordinary Athlete – an initiative aimed at revolutionising the mindset surrounding fitness.

In the world of ordinary, it’s not about the surpassing of others or conforming to unattainable standards. Instead, it’s about, embracing your own journey, celebrating the simple act of pushing yourself, and finding fulfilment in the ordinary moments of progress. Running, at its core, is a solitary experience. Even when running in groups, you’re confronted with your internal struggle to persevere. Your mind plays tricks, tempting you to doubt your abilities, or give up altogether. Ordinary Athlete understands the struggle and seeks to create a supportive community that values individual progress above external comparisons. Whether you’re breaking your personal record on a 5K run or leisurely strolling around the block, Ordinary Athlete believes that ordinary is more than enough.

Every step counts, every effort matters.

Ordinary Athlete encourages you to redefine your notion of achievement and find joy in the simple act of moving forward, no matter your pace or distance.

Join the movement today and discover the empowering journey that Ordinary Athlete offers. Together, let’s rewrite the narrative of modern fitness, where the pursuits of personal progress takes precedence over the pressures of the outside world.

Embrace your ordinary and unleash the extraordinary within you with Ordinary Athlete.