Extraordinaries #9 Chris

Our Ordinary Athlete’s extraordinaries feature this week is Chris! 

Chris’s enjoyment of running is clear to see. He’s completed many races over the years including events such as the Great North Run. Often Chris can be seen running in the north-east while showing his love for his favourite sports teams, the Chicago Bulls and his beloved Sunderland to name just a few and does it all with a fantastic sense of humour. ‘I seem to run faster without sleeves!’

In 2019 Chris’s life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer. Late last year Chris learned that it was incurable. But this was just the start for Chris.

Finding it hard to accept that children have to go through the same as he is, Chris is now doing everything he possibly can to prevent this happening in the future. ‘Cancer  treatment is tough for adults. Imagine what it’s like for children.’ He has a series of events planned in 2021, including the London Marathon where Chris will run for Children with Cancer. He has currently raised an incredible £5,859 ($8290) for @childrenwithcanceruk

In Chris’s words. ‘I swear I’ll never give in, I refuse. Going one more round when you don’t think you can, That’s what makes all the difference in your life.’

You can follow Chris’s inspirational journey on instagram at @gotthegistofit