Extraordinaries #7 Jacky

Jacky’s story is one of incredible courage and determination. After being diagnosed with cancer, Jacky became an amputee as a result. It took years for Jacky to feel confident in herself, often covering her prosthetic to avoid worrying about the thoughts of others.

In in 2016 she decided to run a 5K and her running journey began. The Chicago Marathon followed just two years later as Jacky’s confidence and love for running grew.

Despite being told that unpredictable surfaces would be extremely tough and not recommended, Jacky decided to try Trail running. 40 miles later, Jackie prove the doubters wrong. In 2020, she entered a 100 mile race with the challenge being completion within 24 hours. With the event cancelled, she ran the race on a treadmill in 23 hours 38 mins, and broke the world record in the process. She is currently in training for a 240 mile race in October.

She uses her Instagram to inspire and encourage others. Not with her own achievements but with motivational messages and positivity, adding her sense of humour to some of her posts along the way, a sign Jacky has found happiness in being herself and embracing the journey.

in Jacky‘s words. ‘Fear is what stops you. Courage is what keeps you going. Choose courage and keep moving forward. You can follow Jacky’s incredible adventures @ncrunnerjacky