Extraordinaries #6 Kat


 This week Kat is the feature of Ordinary Athlete’s extraordinaries! So here’s a bit more about @the1armedmamba

 Kat lost her arm at the age of 10 on a carnival ride at the school fair after it derailed, throwing out her and everyone else on it. Kat refused to deny or be angry about how her life would change, instead continuing to follow her dreams saying ‘This is who I am now. Bring it on’.

Her first wish was a basketball hoop. She struggled to shoot the ball at first but after years of self belief made the school’s varsity team. No going easy or special treatment, Kat earned every second of playing time.

 Why Mamba? Kat’s biggest idol and inspiration is the late Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. Nicknamed ‘Mamba’, Kobe is one of the greatest players in the history of basketball. But Kat is a great player too, not our words, Kobe’s words.

Move forward to 2016 and Kat manages to get one of 24 spots available at Kobe’s academy. After giving the kids a tough workout, Kobe issued a challenge. ‘One shot. You make it, nobody runs. You miss and everyone does 17 sprints except you.’

The coach calls out Kat to make the 3 point shot from approximately 20 feet.

Heart pounding, Kat stepped up in front of everyone including her hero and took the shot.

In Kobe’s words ‘ So her of all people right, walks right up and takes on the challenge. She lines up, dribbles twice for momentum, and rises up man. Perfect follow-through, gorgeous arc on this jumper right? And swoosh. Ripped the net. Perfect. It was amazing. Amazing. Most amazing thing I have ever seen. Amazing. I’m so happy man, I mean what a thing to happen. Amazing.’

You can follow Kat on instagram @the1armedmamba