Extraordinaries #12 Amy

You may have seen Amy on our Instagram stories as one of our Ordinary Athlete’s extraordinaries! So here’s a bit more about Amy.

Amy uses her Instagram to give encouraging messages and advice to help others achieve their goals and created the motivational running group ‘Run with Aim’ in the process.

A few years ago, Amy set out a plan to race across the 50 states of America, and complete a running event in each of them.

The challenge has seen an incredible change in Amy’s running with her time getting quicker and quicker as she runs through the states. Just this past weekend, Amy ran in Connecticut, the 39th state of her journey, and won the race overall.

Now Amy has just 11 states remaining and we wish her the best of luck in achieving her incredible challenge.

You can follow Amy and her running journey at @raceacrossthestates