Extraordinaries #10 Amani

Amani is Ordinary Athlete’s extraordinary this week! So here’s a bit more about @fithijabi

Running is one of the many ways Amani inspires others. She began her running journey by walking during pregnancy, at a time when exercise helped her recover from an emotionally abusive marriage. Now having finished her first marathon, she recently set up her own event, the FitQueens 5K, to encourage other women and raise money for victims of domestic violence in her home city of Atlanta.

But it’s not only running that makes Amani’s story extraordinary. At the age of five Amani moved from New York to Louisiana. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and left a devastating impact. Amani survived, but like many African-Americans, was left until last to be rescued from their homes. Despite the prejudice Amani had experienced she remained strong. She completed her Bachelors and Masters degree, becoming an English professor and author in the process.

Her first novel ‘I Bear Witness’ tells the life of an African American Muslim woman who lives in the south and how she was able to overcome adversity. In Amani’s words. ‘We find whatever it is we look for. Look for the good.’

You can follow Amani’s inspirational journey at @fithijabi