Extraordinaries #8 Dominique

Our Extraordinaries feature this week is Dominique. A keen trail runner, Dom highlights some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK while tackling its most challenging terrains. No matter how tough the trail is, Dom always enjoys the adventure. Her fun selfies are guaranteed to make you smile and are now synonymous with her posts!

Dom makes no secret of the benefits of the outdoors, how it has helped her both physically and mentally, and encourages others to do the same. She started her Instagram to raise mental health awareness.

‘I just want to help people who may be in a dark place to see that there is so much light on the other side of the struggle and how the outdoors may help you though a dark time’

Dom is currently raising money for @Mind by running 500km of multi stage Ultra marathons in 2021.

We’re looking forward to seeing Dom continue her amazing challenge this year and the trademark selfies to match! You can join us in following her adventures at @muddymountainmiles